Male 5 - Digital Souls Series

Male 5 - Digital Souls Series

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Edition of 100

Size (cm): 69.5x89.5

Print type: Digital print on photographic AGPHA PHOTO AP18 glossy microporous 260 gsm paper. 

Artist: Iker García Barrenetxea (1979, SP)

About: This artwork belongs to Digital Souls series, approximately 100 imaginary portraits made on Iphone using a simple app and fingers to paint onto the mobile phone’s screen. ‘Each time I have started a new face on my phone I had no other desire than bringing the human expression to life. It’s fascinating how in such small screen I can work with so many colours and getting the feeling of painting. The current interaction between humans and mobile phones creates a very dramatic scenery specially in large cities and public transport. Sadly it’s not unusual to witness the highest percentage of people absorbed by their fancy bright screens, as if each person lives in a different reality. One of my works in 2014 named this phenomenon ‘Always Elsewhere Generation’. Now, almost diving into that dystopia I, myself the artist, put my head down as the others , fascinated by the bright fancy gadgets and what they can do. Not real people these that I have painted, but these Digital Souls surely have got a connection with a time where eye contact was possible’.